These are not comprehensive campus resources, but rather resources that can help you navigate the complexities of ASUCD. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact me!


Government documents folder - This Google Drive folder includes all the public-facing documents that involve the ASUCD Student Government. In this folder you will find all legislation, all Judicial Council opinions, rosters, and much more. It can be a bit tricky to navigate, so spend some time exploring the different subfolders. If you need a particular document and you can't find it, contact SGAO ( 

ASUCD Budget Website - This is the official documentation of the ASUCD Budget. Again, this page takes some time getting a handle of but if comprehensive of ASUCD's budget for the past several years. Use this site to determine pay rates and dates for all ASUCD student positions as well. Contact the Controller ( with any questions. 

ASUCD Main Page - The homepage for all things ASUCD. Generally, the government documents folder or the websites of individual ASUCD entities have more-accurate information, but the ASUCD main page can be a helpful starting place. 

Davis Wiki ASUCD Page - Completely unofficial source of really great historical information on ASUCD. Sometimes you will hear of something that you've never heard of before and Davis Wiki can be a great place to learn more!


Senate legislation submission - For submitting any legislation for Senate consideration

Senate meeting attendance excusal - For members of the Senate to excuse attendance 

Senate public comment submission - To submit written public comment. Comments will generally be read outloud during meetings so submit here if you can't attend in person. 

Important emails - My email :) - The ASUCD President's email. Likely the person who can address an urgent campus issue fastest (basic needs emergency, campus personnel issues, offensive graffiti, etc.) - The Internal Vice President's email. Contact them with any internal ASUCD issues such as hiring delays, legislation questions, document inquiries, etc. - The email for the ASUCD front desk. They can help you with any issues in the business office of ASUCD. - Student Government Administrative Office - Contact for any government document or website inquiries. 

In general, email a few people as some folks may be at capacity/not checking email.