• JT Eden

Thank you

Dear supporters,

Although I won’t be on the council a month from now, this campaign was, in many ways, successful. Together, we brought a greater focus to the issues of housing availability and affordability, racial justice, and the climate crisis. We showed that young people are a meaningful and essential part of the dialogue around these issues, and that bold, progressive policy is needed.

We all know how unique and unprecedented 2020 has been. My heart goes out to all those who have been negatively affected by this pandemic and to those who put their lives at risk in order to make our standard of living possible. I am grateful to all of my supporters and to my team, who worked tirelessly up to this moment; I truly wouldn’t have been able to get here without you all. Finally, I especially wish to thank all the volunteers and election staff who worked and are working so hard to ensure that every vote gets counted in this election.

As for now, I am hopeful. I am hopeful that the Councilmembers-elect will bring some of our ideas to the table and that our sentiments will be part of the discussion even if I’m not there. I will also continue to fight for positive change as a private resident. Moreover, I’m hopeful that young folks will see that they can be impactful in whatever conversations they’re a part of.

Lastly, I want to thank the outgoing Council Member, Mark Olbert. He was the first person I talked to outside of my family when I was thinking of running, and provided guidance to me when I had very little idea of how to run a campaign. He deserves all of our gratitude for his years of service to the community.

Thank you all for your support of my campaign. I look forward to seeing you all around town!

Best wishes,


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