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My Final Pitch to the Voters

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Many people have already taken the time to vote, and polling places will close in just 5 days, meaning my campaign is coming to an end. But, as we wind down, I want to take a moment to reflect on what we’ve done so far and share my vision for my time on the council

On the campaign trail, I have had the opportunity to talk with many community leaders and residents who have helped me build a greater understanding of the needs of the San Carlos Community. My campaign has gone through a robust policy-research process that has allowed us to create bold, necessary, and value-based priorities that also happen to be popular amongst the people of San Carlos. We have spent the last few months reaching out to the community through accessible and safe virtual spaces to reach them where they are during a pandemic.

Throughout the campaign, I have spent a lot of time considering what kind of elected official I want to be.

It will be my responsibility to represent all people once I am in office. The people who vote for me are so important. They are the ones that put their trust and energy into this campaign. But, if I am elected I will consider the needs of the residents of San Carlos as a whole. You can count on the fact that I will always seek a solution that has the greatest benefit to the residents of San Carlos, both current and future.

I will also be as accessible as possible to constituents. The number one thing I’ve heard from folks throughout my campaign is that they feel there is an “inner circle” that makes decisions and that public comment is merely a formality at the end of the process. It will be my goal to alleviate that concern by actively reaching out over social media, in public spaces, and in personal conversations. I will engage the public at every step of the policy-making process, especially when we are trying to figure out the root of a problem. I will also make sure to bring the experience of being a City Council Member to the people so that we can remove some of the mystique surrounding local government.

Moreover, I will seek to build consensus without compromising on the principles that won the election. The ultimate goal is to govern, but that cannot be done if the will of the people is not respected or even heard in the first place. I have campaigned on the idea that we need to lift up and listen to the most vulnerable among us, which I have highlighted in my racial justice plan, in my ideas around our coronavirus response, and in my housing policies. I am a big believer in civil discourse and compromising for the greater good, which means helping those who need it most.

My campaign was founded on a number of ideas that I hope will lift up our community and allow us to be proud of this city we call home. I want to emphasize three of my top priorities:

One, we need to take bold action on housing affordability and availability. We need to live up to the welcoming character of our neighborhoods by reexamining our zoning policy. The only way we are going to be able to meet the housing needs of the area is by increasing the density of our residential neighborhoods. We can do this without jeopardizing the beauty of our city, in fact I would argue that with the right leadership, new policies and development can enhance it. If I have the honor of serving on the City Council, I will work with city planners and my colleagues on the council to rework the zoning policy of San Carlos to optimize our space for the betterment of the whole community.

Two, there needs to be a greater focus around social justice in San Carlos. I support community discussion in this area, but I know that that is not enough and we need to go further. Injustice comes not just from personal biases, but from policies at all levels of government and industry. This is why I propose the city create a commission that brings together non-profit organizers, community leaders, and people who have a story to tell in this area, to advise the city council on actions to help San Carlos become more Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive. This commission will be the start of structural changes that have to be made to make San Carlos the City of Good Living for all its residents.

Three, I want to bring a greater urgency to the fight against the climate crisis. Our impact may be small at the local level, but we still have an opportunity and an obligation to do our part. We can be a leader in this regard by reducing vehicle traffic by making biking and other micro-mobility transportation options safe and accessible, implementing more-sustainable building codes, and increasing access to public transportation with our partners at SamTrans and Caltrain. We also need to take swift action when it comes to preparing for climate disasters; the greatest threats to San Carlos are fires and floods, and we need to ensure our residents are prepared as possible for when they happen. If we meet this moment, we can create a safer, more beautiful San Carlos.

Our campaign is one of hope and progress, one that has been built on the support of everyday San Carlos residents and community leaders. If I’m elected, I will work to make San Carlos more inclusive, sustainable, and affordable. I know that with your support we can be successful in creating a brighter future for our city, which is why I’m asking for your vote. There are still thousands of San Carlos residents who have not cast their votes, so if you haven’t yet, please send in your ballot as soon as possible. I hope you will consider voting for me when you do.

Thank you,


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