Issues We Face

I am running for City Council to bring a new voice to the leadership of San Carlos and help lead our city into a future we can be proud of. As a member of a generation that is on the front lines of combating racial injustice, climate change, the housing crisis, gun violence, etc., I have insight into many institutional problems our country is facing and I know the risks of inaction. As your representative, I will fight for the ability of people to independently live in this city we love; where we foster a community that values equity and inclusivity; and where bold policies accurately address the climate crisis.

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I have lived in San Carlos most of my life, and I share the fear of many that I will not be able to live here into adulthood. Students like me shouldn’t be faced with the reality that they may not be able to start an independent life for themselves in their own hometown. Families shouldn’t be scared about moving or selling their house because they may not be able to ever move back. New ideas, experiences, and faces shouldn’t be financially locked out of our city. That is why on the Council, I will advocate for greater housing development at market, below market, and affordable rates, while working with district leaders to maintain the high quality of our schools. I will also push for rezoning to allow multi-family housing on land previously held exclusively for single-family homes. These measures will help address the growing jobs-housing imbalance in our area and make living here a more attainable goal.