JT is building a movement of local progressive groups, organizers, and San Carlos residents. Below are some of JT's supporters:

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The Peninsula Young Democrats represent the next generation of leaders in our area. They favor bold policies to address the climate crisis, housing affordability, and inequality. By earning their endorsement, JT has shown that he is a leader of his generation and is ready to work for a better future.

Peninsula for Everyone is the preeminent  pro-housing group in San Carlos and the surrounding areas. By earning their endorsement,  JT is committing to using his position on the City Council to build more housing, specifically around transit corridors, to address the pressing jobs-housing imbalance in the Bay Area. 

Jade Shonette
Student Trustee, San Mateo County Community College District

Jade represents about forty five thousand students in the San Mateo County Community College District (including Cañada College, College of San Mateo, and Skyline College). She has been a leader on issues like housing and food insecurity. By earning her endorsement, JT has the trust of local students and young leaders.

Jill Nida, teacher at Tierra Linda Middle School: "I’m so excited to be voting for JT! He is thoughtful and considerate and will be an amazing advocate for us all!​"
Eric Peacock, local businessman: "JT Eden is an important progressive voice for San Carlos and a rising star in the Democratic party. Now more than ever we need to encourage civic leadership by young adults in America and encourage progressive values by all Americans. JT is in this for all the right reasons and will be a great leader in San Carlos."
Ellyn Dooley: "We need our next generation of leaders to have a voice in shaping the future of San Carlos. JT is a leader already at a ripe young age!  His passion, intelligence and commitment are a winning combination in shining a light on where we can take San Carlos.  He knows the scope of the problems we face with housing, traffic and the impacts of climate change and has the energy and drive to address them... not for 4 years but into the future. We have nothing to lose and so much to gain by putting him on the City Council!!"
Tiffany Karow: "So excited to support a young, inclusive, forward thinking candidate; JT!!!"
Kari Barcello: "JT is such an inspiration! I am so proud to call him a friend, and truly hope to call him our councilman!"
Sherri Horan: "Delighted to see JT running for office. JT is smart, caring, and thoughtful. A great man for the job!"
Julianne Lempert :"We need more people like [JT] – young, passionate, and articulate.  I'm a high school student and this will be my first time voting; I'm so happy that I voted for [JT]."
Caroline Tudor: "I cannot wait to cast my vote for JT, a forward-thinker who will go to bat for progressive issues to make San Carlos a better place to live. Thank you, JT, for running for City Council!"
James Buatti: "JT understands the importance of solving California's housing affordability crisis."
Ina Gottinger: "I am so happy to cast my vote for JT to become a member of the San Carlos City Council. We need young and engaged citizens like JT to shape San Carlos' future and I am inspired by JT's energy, commitment and empathy."
Marianne Jett: "I’m thrilled to support JT and his upcoming campaign. His energy, progressive vision and perspective are exactly what San Carlos needs.  He went to our public schools and is active in our community and is an advocate for the residents in San carlos."
Andrea Maxwell, Former Brittan Acres and central middle school PTA executive member, former SCEF board member
Rob Walker, Andrea Maxwell, Jayne Tinney, Parker Allen, Jessica Nimni, Betsy Adams, Bobbie Salinger-Brown, David Pollack, Bruce Nickerson, Linda Burroughs, Ronald Sanders, Tassie Jenkins, Audrey Abrams
The most important endorsement is that of the residents of San Carlos. If you want to add your name to list of JT's supporters, fill out the form below!

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